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A strong, positive social media profile can help you get noticed by potential future employers.

How confident are you that your online presence is setting you apart from the rest of the field? Try this tool now to find out.


Sign in and connect your social media accounts
Follow our simple wizard which will guide you through the process of connecting your social media accounts. Don't worry you can skip any you don't have!


Generate your result
Click the button and in moments your public social media posts, photos, videos and more will be presented to you in a clear and concise format, with quick tips from our careers department.


Review your results and save a copy
Are you happy with what your public social media is saying about you? Review your results.


Disconnect your social media accounts
Once you've finished using the tool, you can follow our sign out wizard to disconnect from your social media accounts.


AM I HIRED?® will only return items that you have already made publicly available on participating social media platforms. No prediction or assessment of the results is made by AM I HIRED?® The results are presented back to you purely for your own personal use and in order to help you answer the question: Given what you’ve seen, would you hire you?

Please note, no personal data or information is kept once you exit and clear results.
Please use private or incognito mode in your browser for added security.

Based on an idea originally proposed by Scott Dutfield and Reece Collingbourne (Graduate Interns 2016/17)